Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tenants Have Rights Too

When I was a Rule 9 intern at UW Student Legal Services, my favorite thing in the world was to go after sleazy landlords. Many landlords and rental agencies do some pretty terrible things because they can get away with it. Tenants often don't know their rights. Even if they do, it's ordinarily not worth it to pay a lawyer $200/hr to get a $500 deposit back.

The good news is, knowledge is power, and the internet is knowledge. Below are some resources to learn about the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (RLTA) and what you can do to protect your money.

RLTA: The Act itself. As statutes go, it's pretty easy to grasp.
WSBA: This is a WSBA "pamphlet" on landlord-tenant rights.
Washington Law Help: Find pro bono services.
Housing Justice Project of King County: Pro bono help from volunteers.
UW Student Legal Services: Inexpensive and attentive representation if you are a UW Seattle Campus Student.
A good pamphlet: Explanation of tenants' rights.

If you need guidance, I'm happy to talk to you. Did I mention I love going after sleazy landlords?


  1. As a tenant, there are certain rights you should be aware of to protect yourself.
    California renters rights give you protection against landlords who wish to abuse the system.
    Unfortunately, many tenants do not take the time to understand their rights and get taken advantage of.
    The following explores some of the most important and most relevant rights tenants have in California.
    This is only a small listing of information that can be found at our site to protect yourself.
    Renters rights in Los Angeles are largely the same as in other California cities,
    so this information is relevant regardless of where you live. First of all,
    a landlord can never discriminate against a tenant. A landlord cannot refuse a room to or harass a tenant based on race,
    color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, immigration status, religion, national origin,
    disability, or if they are pregnant or have children. Landlords must also allow all service animals,
    regardless of pet policies within the building. Your landlord also cannot try to retaliate against you if you take action against his unlawful actions. For example,
    if you file a claim with an agency about your landlord, he cannot legally raise your rent, evict you,
    or stop providing services because of it.
    if you need more informacon check renters rights

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