Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Washington Cell Phone Law

For whatever reason I still see people driving like maniacs while yakking on their cell phones. I don't make a point of remembering stuff like this, but when you're driving a Honda Civic next to an Escalade that doesn't acknowledge lanes or stop signs, you tend to remember the feeling of near death and the image of an origami-looking car.

So, at the suggestion of my sister Sarah, I am posting a King 5 article on the cell phone laws that are in effect now. In a nutshell, holding a cell phone to your ear while driving is a primary offense for which you can be pulled over and ticketed to the tune of $124. I should also point out that violation of driving statute is evidence of negligence in a civil trial.

Go get yourself a headset. They're much cheaper than the cost of a ticket.


  1. Love the Zack Morris montage :)

  2. i actually just bought a more expensive model of car that had built in bluetooth because of this. i find the bluetooth systems for cars that arent built into the car are often of poor quality.