Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ackley Law Group Files Class Action For Security Life's Unlawfully Sold Dental Plans

Ackley Law Group, along with the Bierlein Law Office, has filed a class action lawsuit against Security Life Insurance Company of America.  The lawsuit alleges that Security Life sold dental plans in Washington that were unlawful and were never properly approved by the Office of Insurance Commissioner, that Security Life failed to expeditiously bring the plans into compliance, and that these actions resulted in unilateral termination of the plans by Security Life.  

One of the unlawful components of the plans was overly lengthy waiting periods for dental services.  The lawsuit alleges that paying full price into an insurance system during the unlawfully lengthy periods to earn full coverage, combined with the unilateral cancellation and loss of benefits accrued in those waiting periods, forced consumers to pay for services they could never use.

If you have been affected by early termination of a Security Life dental plan, please contact Courtney K. Ackley at Ackley Law Group by email at


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